In order for a consolidation loan to be useful, a number of things have to be prepared and a number of conditions have to be met.

Most of the preparations and conditions on this site can be found more extensively on other pages. Here they are once again put on a list.


We start with the conditions because they determine the success of a consolidation loan. They are also the simplest to explain. It is not about the conditions that the lender sets, but about the conditions that determine whether a consolidation loan makes sense.

The conditions are usually the stumbling block in the beginning. If these conditions are not met, applying for a consolidation loan makes no sense at all. The preparations can lift this stumbling block. With which we can conclude this page with good news …….

Put simply, there are three conditions

  • Insight into your own financial situation . If there is no insight, you can not even assess the chance of success. In that case you will never find a financier who wants to provide a consolidation loan.
  • Redemption capacity . There must be room to repay the consolidation loan. This requires some calculation work. A bank then quickly comes to the conclusion that there is too little space. Especially because a bank takes into account the maximum loan amount. People who need a consolidation loan are often already gone beyond that limit. For a consolidation loan, the border must therefore be different. You can read how this space can be calculated in the ‘ preparations ‘.
  • The will to solve the problems . The financier must be able to trust that you pay off the consolidation loan in the agreed manner. That requires discipline and willpower. You may also have to make extra efforts (job jobs, etc.) to fulfill the obligations.

If one of these three points is not present, applying for a consolidation loan makes no sense! In the absence of insight, the amount of the consolidation loan can be estimated too low. Lack of repayment capacity can mean that the loan can never be paid off. And the lack of will will lead to the consolidation loan ultimately only a postponement of execution.


The first two conditions can be objectively determined. That is, there are methods to gain insight into your own financial household and to calculate the repayment space. It is a bit of work, but there is a lot to achieve with the help of a computer, in this area. You can do it yourself, but you can also call in the help of a budget coach. Some providers of consolidation loans also state this as a condition.

If you want to get started yourself, you can find a number of tools on the download page to gain insight into your own financial position.


The latter condition is more difficult. You can only establish this by consulting yourself. Entering into a consolidation loan is not something simple. It is not just a signature under a contract. The agreement that you enter into is intended to cover all your debts and arrears in a controlled manner, within a foreseeable time. That does not happen by itself!

You will have to do a lot and, perhaps more importantly, have to leave a lot of money in order to make a consolidation loan a success. Distant holidays, luxury dinners, expensive mobile phones, big cars, etc. These will all have to be missed, because the repayment of the debt comes first!