Today, it is quite difficult to get loans to debtors with open delays, but there are several ways that work in most cases. To do this, you can go to the trick or guarantee the bank a refund, minimizing its risks. And the second method is more effective, since you are acting openly.

Recall that all banks work with history bureaus. There are only 4 main bureaus. However, not all banks buy information from all four. That is why you can find out in advance with which LIC that the bank is working, where your delay is open, and then to get a loan at another bank. So, Russie bank works with only one CII. Therefore, here the percentage of approval of applications is much higher than in other banks that work simultaneously with several bureaus. Also HomeCredit & Financierbank works only with a part of the CII. There are a number of banks that can issue, but it needs to be recognized individually.

It is worth noting that this is a rather complicated and time-consuming method, since the economic security service of banks has an additional program in which notes are made about approval and refusal of credit. Moreover, this program is used in many banks. That is why many people choose the second method of processing a loan.

The second way is a loan secured by property. It doesn’t matter what it will be. The main thing is that its cost was equivalent to the loan amount. Most often, borrowers leave a property or car as a pledge. Although, there are cases (if the loan amount is relatively small), when the collateral is securities, deposits and precious metals.

Note that the bank is ready to provide a loan to such customers on more favorable terms. The fact is that the risks of the case are minimal. If you are not able to pay off the debt on time, your property becomes the property of the bank. At the same time, the sale of this property will be carried out at a lower price, which will allow for promptly closing the delay. Thus, on bail, try to make payment on time.

Often, collateral is the only way to build relationships with banks. You start to form a positive. In this regard, in the future you will be given loans more willingly and on more favorable terms.

Many banks are ready to meet and arrange the target loan to the debtor on concessional terms.

Many banks are ready to meet and arrange the target loan to the debtor on concessional terms.

It’s about refinancing. This is a special program that provides for the issuance of a new loan to pay off debt. Thus, you get rid of the delay and extinguish the new loan. The interest rate on it is much lower, since it, as a rule, coincides with the Central Bank refinancing rate.

The essence of refinancing is that the loan period is increasing. That is, you have to pay less, but longer. In addition, the first 6 months you will have to extinguish only interest for using the loan without taking into account the principal debt, which significantly reduces the amount of the planned payment. So the bank gives you time to improve your financial situation.

Remember that a loan with an open delay is a chance to improve relations with banks. Pay on time and fully comply with the loan agreement. Then you will be provided with more preferential loan programs. In addition, it depends on your ability to pay.